How Can I Make My Facebook Password Strong?

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Facebook is a free social networking website which offers you to send an instant message to the people whom you are connected with, like family members, friends etc. It also allows you to make new friends and upload the photos, share the videos and much more other things.

For connecting with facebook community you have to register yourself by creating a login and the password. You have to make your password strong to make sure that no third party is misusing it.

Did you know? :

Facebook offers a wide range of privacy options which are mentioned below:  

  • Block specific connection or hide them
  • Keep the account in private mode
  • Choose who can view the post, news feed etc.
  • Creating strong password

Basically, strong passwords are important to protect safer online transactions, but in the case of Facebook, it is important that no one else can use your profile and misuse it. The key to getting a strong password is its length and the complexity. There are certain tips to make the password strong:

  1. Always use the mixture of alphabets, numbers, symbols, punctuation in the passwords.
  2. Use at least or more than 14 characters.
  3. There should be a variety of characters like using both uppercase and lowercase letter.
  4. Utilize the keyboard as it not only contains the alphabets and numbers.
  5. Always insert those passwords which are easily remembered by the user (The easiest way to remember the password is to write it down in your hit notes).

While creating passwords avoid using the following things:

  1. Abbreviations.
  2. Personal information like name, date of birth, age etc.
  3. Do not use repeated characters or symbols like aaaaaa, 666, ####### etc.
  4. Do not use dictionary languages.

By using the above tips, hope you are ready to make your own password strong enough, but if you face any problem while creating the strong password, you can contact Facebook customer service number for any kind of assistance regarding Facebook feature and service.

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